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January 2024 Check-In Thread

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January 2024 Check-In Thread

A new year is often a time that people reflect on past events and is also a great time to renew something in your life. Maybe that renewal or renovation is on your financial body or physical, now is a great of a time as any to shed those extra things holding you down from being the best you possible.


Most people sit down and write out New Year's resolutions.  Credit wise, what is on your list?  


As a reminder, participation in these monthly check-ins is optional & encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judgment zone; feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself kudos for having it all together.


If you're a continuing myFICO fitness challenger: Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! Now that 2023 is behind us, may 2024 be ever more fruitful going forward!


Remember now is the time annual to update your signatures!

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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

With the arrival of the new year, and my last new trade line from December '22, I am now at 0/6 & 0/12. My signature is now updated to the platinum spade!


I have no firm plans to apply for another card, although may be tempted for a good complement to my current reward spending categories. In terms of CLI, I still have my eye on bumping up my Apple card, which is still - by far - my lowest credit line.

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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

January 1 3B pull: Scores are down across the board by an average of 0.45 points from last month.

They're going to go down more when my new card reports and my utilization on everything shows up. Things got a little wild over the holidays Smiley Embarassed
They'll be back up when I get everything paid down in a month or two.

Starting Score: EQ8 680, TU8 713, EX8 701
Current Score: EQ8 778, TU8 766, EX8 770 as of April 21
Goal Score: EQ8 780, TU8 780, EX8 780

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AZE4 - 2% Utl - New Accts: 3/6, 4/12, 7/24
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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

Still on my crazy quest to get all three bureaus at 850. Since I don't really have anything I need to app for, I figure that'll be my FICO project. Hoping a little more age might get me there on one of the other two.

Starting Score: 469
Current Score: 846
Goal Score: 850

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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

Happy new year, everyone!

Both of my cards reported $0 balances this month, so I got to watch my scores plummet. EQ8 is down to 719. EX8 is down to 712. My EQ9 is up to 748, but that's prior to my SavorOne zeroing out. I imagine it'll drop when I get my update next month.


In some good news, Navy Federal upgraded my secured card. The increased limit should help my score out a bit.


See you all next month!

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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

I paid my Samsung finance down from 1k top $350.  


My secured Navy Fed unsecured to 2k.  


Will work on my 1 baddie. Continue to pay in full.  Trying to get back with Discover and Amex.  Continue to hope for CLI ... onward and upward I say.  

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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

After adding three cards this year, my myFico challenge would be getting back to 800+ scores!

They haven't reported yet, but I'm sure its going to take few months to recover for adding new trade lines and inqs.

Time to garden rest of the year. 🌱

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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

Yes, the month is almost over.  A few days ago I read listed in the forums. Last year I opened one card, BoA, after several years of separation. Just over $10K SL. One card I allowed to die a natural death was Finger Hut. My Goodyear CL dropped because I haven't used it in a long time. Also, Overstock closed. My TCL dropped from about $250K to about $225K. I did get a couple of small unrequested CLI. My score is Exp at 834 and Equ is 840.

There are a couple of CC I may apply. It's nice being back on FF and I look forward to reading and learning from everyone!

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Re: January 2024 Check-In Thread

My first time participating, as we've been working on fixing scores from an old foreclosure. Jan 3rd 1B: 661.

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