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July 2015 Check-in Thread

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July 2015 Check-in Thread


July is here! Smiley Happy How have you done so far this year? This is a great time to really analyze your goals. How far have you come in them?  Weathering through this period can be hard, but manageable when you have a good support team. Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones? Anything you think is appropriate to add is what we want to hear about. 


As a reminder, participation in these monthly check-ins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judge zone; feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself kudos for having it all together.

Let us know how you're doing. Wishing all the best of luck!



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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

I wasn't first in the Garden Club thread, I'll be first here. This seems like a good place for me now. Off to work on my sig (may not finish it tonight.). 

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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

44 Points in 47 days!

July update = 

>Goals: #1 = Get FICO to reflect an average of 640+ across all scores to qualify for a mortgage with a *Mortgage FICO of 620+ average/ #2 = Get to building the house before winter!




Score Progression!

EQ/   TU/   EX

581 /590 /580 = 583 AVG 5/15
598/ 604/ 600 = 600 AVG 5/28!
598/ 606/ 600 = 601.3 AVG 6/3!
598/ 607/ 600 = 601.6 AVG 6/10
613/ 613/ 614 = 613 AVG 6/20
622/ 613/ 614 = 616 AVG 6/24
622/ 613/ 642 = 625 AVG 6/26
622/ 618/ 642 = 627 AVG 7/1

622/ 622/ 642 = 628.6 AVG 7/2 (Only an average of 12 points left to go!)




Had some stuff that came up recently so had to use some CC UTIL on the 3 paid off cards to cover this. The month of July will be paying off the same cards i just paid off last month, ideally before the reporting date so there is no negative score impact.




Heres the plan:


7/2: Payoff CapOne card again! - done! - 7/2/2015!

-Cap One - balance from the 8th, reports between 12th - 14th


7/17: Payoff CreditOne and Citi cards again!

-Creditone - balance from the 19th, reports between 21st - 22nd

-Citi - balance from the 22nd, reports between 25th - 27th


7/31: Payoff Bruneel (Synchrony credit card)!

+ Purchase new FICO report with Mortgage scores to determine progress towards getting a *Mortgage FICO of 620+ average!


8/1: 2 years from last late payment, was on a student loan, should help score a little bit.


8/28: Last card with a balance, bring it down to under 70% UTIL.


9/25: Last card with a balance, bring it down to under 40% UTIL.


10/23: Last card with a balance, bring it down to under 10% UTIL.


11/1: Last card with a balance now Paid In Full!

+ 1 Collection account aged off/ 6 more to go.

+ Tons of inquiries fall off all reports, bought a car 2 years ago.




1/2016: 1 collection account aged off/ 5 more to go.


3/2016: 1 collection account aged off/ 4 more to go.


5/2016: 1 Judgement aged off/ 1 to go.


8/2016: 1 collection account aged off/ 3 to go.




1/2017: FINAL Judgement aged off!


9/2017: 1 collection account aged off/ 2 to go.




1/2018: BK7 aged off!


5/2018: BK13 aged off!




6/2019: 1 collection aged off/ 1 to go.


11/2019: FINAL collection aged off!






5/2021: 2 Liens aged off/ 1 to go.




1/2022: Final Lien aged off!


January, 2022 - no more negative information on my reports!

 Smiley LOL



>Recent events:

-Removed all dispute remarks on all CR's. No negative score impact!

-Judgements status's were updated to paid. Got a few points from this update!

-Capitol One/ CreditOne/ Citi cards are paid in full now. Unfortunately, suddenly not all CR's are reflecting this as they have been for all balance changes consistently for the last year. Only 1 CR update on one card balance each, so basically im still pending about 6 updates for all cards to be updated properly on each CR as they normally are by this date... they are about 2 weeks overdue for reporting now, not real happy about that.

Starting Score: EQ 581 TU 590 EX 583 5/15/2015
Current Score: EQ 599 TU 611 EX 636 8/13/2015
Goal Score: 700+

Discover: $7,297/ $8K = 91% Bruneel: $2.4K CL = 0% Citi: $1K CL = 0% Capital One: $850 CL= 0% CreditOne: $600 CL = 0%

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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

Happy July!!


My short term goal was to get my credit card debt paid off in full. 


Chase Slate - CL $2,000 Bal 0

Citi Thank You - CL$4,700 Bal 0

Cap One Platinum - CL $4,500 Bal 0

BOA Cash Rewards - CL $20,000 Bal 5,011  Previous bal $7,463  That's a reduction of almost $2,500!!


I got a 1 point increase for Exp, but reduced balance has not shown up yet - still showing as $7,463.  Wish they would get on the ball!


According to my budget, I will have another $1,850 to put on debt in the next week or two.  I really want to have this card knocked out by the end of summer.  Just in time to start paying off $25,000 HELOC.  That has only had interest payments paid on it, so after the credit card, I'll try to put at least $1,000 a month on that.  I want that done before Feb 2018, when it will expire. 


Hope everyone else had a successfuly June!  See you next month.


TransUnion: 822
Experian: 818
Equifax: 841

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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

Checking in for July! Nothing really to report. Still going strong in gardening for now Smiley Very Happy

Starting Scores: EX: 611, EQ: 582 and TU: 557
Current Scores (8/18/15): EQ: 616 EX: 634 and TU: 662
Goal Score: 670 across the board

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In the garden starting August 15th.
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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

Remained in the garden for another month which is good. I could easily say I need the Chase AARP Card or the Barclay's Ring ... but in reality life will go on. Reading the boards tempts me and then many of you offers doses of reality. My scores have improved a lot so it is worth the time. Remembering where I was a few years back and throwing it all away helps to keep me on the straight and narrow. No apps in my future.
Starting Score: 850
Current Score: 850
Goal Score: 850

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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread


Checking in for July.  I got a nice surprise when my EQ score finally hit 800!  Feels great.  Now just need the other two to get there.  I've been the garden for over a year now but will start searching rates to refinance my home in August.  I rent out my home but my tenants will move out in August and we will be moving back in.  I talked to a mortgage lender at my bank and he indicated that I have to live in my home for 30 days before I could even refinance.  Is that true?  I just hope the rates don't move too much more until then.  I'm thinking about doing a 7/1 ARM because my wife and I will probably sell it in 5-7 years since our youngest will graduate from high school by then. 

Current Score: EQ:829 (9/8/17) TU:819 (9/8/17) EX:821 (9/18/17)
Goal Score: 825 across the board
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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

Checking in for July. Nothing upcoming, so I think I will be in the garden for a while. Looking forward to some old dings to fall off this month.

Starting Scores: 
Current Scores:  
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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

Checking in also.  Trying to stay put.  Some inq's are falling off which will help get me back down to under 10 on EX & TU.  EQ only 6.  I need to stay put until all are off.  

FICOS: EQ-812 TU-811 EX-818 Goal - 840-850 Across The Board
Total Credit Lines - 506K Gardening....
"I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny" Nelson Mandela
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Re: July 2015 Check-in Thread

Had never seen this thread before.  IMO it is a great one.


My score has slowly been creeping up.  Haven't purchased a FICO score in several months simply because one time I purchased, verified it was charged, but I never received it, and attempts to contacts myFICO were not successful.  I am thinking about retrying again, maybe early Fall.


My goal for this year was to reach scores of at least 800 across the board and on myFICO.  Will see if that occurs; hopefully, it will.


I am entering my third month of gardening, keeping the cards paid off each month and plan to keep it that way for quite some time.  No plans for other cards right now.  In fact I have nearly more than I can handle now.  I got carried away when so many were going on app sprees and got caught up in it.  Of course, I had not had a credit card for many, many years; however, when I discovered it was hurting my credit scores, I set about getting rid of all the baddies, then getting some credit.


Waiting to see what, if anything, AMEX offers in replacing the AMEX Costco True Earnings card.  Surely they will offer something.


Anyway, glad to know about this board.


January 2018 Scores - EQ 797 | TU 800 | EX 798 | ~~Started Gardening Again on March 21, 2017
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