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March 2016 Check In Thread

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Re: March 2016 Check In Thread

I'm pretty new to the board, but my first pieces of advice would be to skim the boards for info and don't hesitate to ask for advice when you have a question. There appear to be a lot of knowledgeable, experienced posters who are ready to share their knowledge.


Personally, skimming these boards has become a hobby for me while I continue to work on my credit. 

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Re: March 2016 Check In Thread

Hi Everyone,


I'm new to this and I've never had good credit before in my life.  For the first time I have strted working on it and now I'm above a 600.  My goal is to have credit worthiness of $2000-60K or over by the end of year.  I've never had a credit card more than $500 in my life.  But I'm glad I found this site and I believe the plethora of knowlegde here, will help guide me along the way. 


I've helped many people clear their credit and wondered why I never worked on mine.  And the reason was I never had a good image of myself regarding credit.  Once I changed how I saw myself on the inside, my actions started manifesting on the outside.  I will keep posting my progression and if anyone has any advice they can pass along, i would greatly appreciate.


And by the way, the credit I establish will not be used to get in debt, because I don't really don't owe anyone, but my car payment ($6000 left) and my Capital One card ($60 balance) which will be paid off tomorrow.


Thanks in advance for any information...

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Re: March 2016 Check In Thread

First post on myFico - I have been lurking for almost four months now and in those four months I have used all that I have read in various forums to increase my credit worthiness. My ultimate short term goal is to have 0%-5% utilization across the board and ultimate longterm - knock this student loan down by half. 


Just want to say that the myFICO forums have been the biggest inspiration for me to get my act together (financially), I am so happy I joined.



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Re: March 2016 Check In Thread

Well this month is not going to end like I had hoped ;( I applied for a consolidation loan from my credit union and they not only hit me with 2 hard pulls but denied me the loan of course you know I disputed that. So I'm looking forward to a much better April and May ~~>still only 2 baddies but my balances are a little high ~~> I'll get there I'll get there. Ex 638 TRansUnion 631 Exquifax 631 ~~> 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 back to the garden 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
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