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November 2019 Check In Thread

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November 2019 Check In Thread

I know you are all hard at work with your credit goals.  Have you progressed as far as you hoped?  Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule?


As a reminder, participation in these monthly checkins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judge zone; feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself a kudo for having it all together.


Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! 

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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

Nothing happened between yesterday and today. 

I have no goals at the moment because all of them have been met. 

Would like to see some movement on TU and EX. 

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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

October has been a pretty significant month.  Overall CC utilization has dropped and I was able to secure several SP CLI (NFCU Flagship +$7K, Discover +2K, PPMC +1K).  Working my way down to AZEO.  Right now I've got 3/12 CC reporting...whittling those suckers down, one card at a time.  Last night a charge off fell off of my Equifax report.  That leaves only one charge off which is reporting to both Equifax and Experian.  This one should be gone from both reports no later than March of 2020.  I'm waiting for MyFICO to update my scores to see the impact of the CO deletions, but hoping to see a nice bump.  One more task crossed off on the way to mortgage application target date goal 4/2020.

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FICO 8 as of 6/7/20

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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

Well my fear of loosing my oldest closed account from 2001 (closed 2009) has hit. My scores all of them took hits and dropped. My coveted FICO 08 850 is in the history books after twelve solid months. The other scores took the bigger dives. Even have a 797 now ... ouch!

Will add, I went from from one credit card reporting $15 to two cards reporting a total of $690. Suspect this is the biggest reason for the score drop. WIll slowly pay down the debt and expect score improvement.

As to the loss of old closed accounts, only time will fix that part of my profile. Did close a bank that I had had with credit and other services that was thirteen years but, that would not really affect much right now (I could not stand the bank any longer and it was time - score hit or not).


The loss on Oldest Account and Average Age of Accounts is the risk on closing credit cards and paying off loans. Thick files can handle it but the thinner ones 'ouch'. With out the big K in my past I had credit reporting to 1972 but lost it all in 2001.


Aw, such is life and I am not credit seeking so all my whinning is really for naught! Smiley Embarassed

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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

October was a great month! I got 5 - 30 day lates deleted from my reports, however, EX only gave me 5 points for the removal. EQ & TU on the other hand gave me 15 points for those deletions! As a result I met goal score on EQ and both EQ and TU scores are in the good category. As long as I'm going in the right direction things feel great! 

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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

@Anonymous the removal of those 30 day lates is great! Good work! You are on the climb! Smiley Happy
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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

This month has been very good. I finally got into the Chase cards and was approved for the CSP. Also, I called AMEX Mexico and they are sending me the Metal Rose Gold Card (I still have the plastic and they recently changed it to metal for exciting cardholders like 2 weeks ago). 

US Cards

Mexico Cards
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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

Hellloooooo Challenge Peeps.


Welcome to Nooooooooooovembaahhhhhhhh !


Just got my first Fako Vantage score of the month - seeing a gain of 5 up to 810.   


Experian sent me an alert email saying my balances dropped but did not say anything about my score classification changing (which they did when I went from good to very good).   Sooooooo I am worried my F8 isn't crossing 800 for yet at least another month.


November finds me at 4% aggregate, AZEO and that one being at 24%.   


Like really - if my F8's stay under 800 any longer then it is just because FICO hates me.   


No.  Not hate.   




Time to get some work done.



Stay Liquid My Friends...

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Current Score: F8 800+
Goal Score: F8 800

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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

@Lucifer interesting that your Fico Scores are lower than your other scores. In my case it is the other way.

For me the biggest reasons I can come up with is the weight the other Fico and Vantage Scores put on Mortgage and Auto Loans percent of paid down balances. Another words DTI for me.
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Re: November 2019 Check In Thread

@parzivalmx looks like you are hot and on the roll! The Metal Rose Gold Card is a nice extra Smiley Happy

Suspect CLIs with Discover will come over time. For many years I got $500 but now they are up to $4000 a crack after eight years. Not everyone is so slow on Discover CLIs.
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