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October 2019 Check In Thread

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October 2019 Check In Thread

I know you are all hard at work with your credit goals.  Have you progressed as far as you hoped?  Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule?


As a reminder, participation in these monthly checkins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judge zone; feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself a kudo for having it all together.


Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! 

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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

Well it is that time of the month where truth is good! Held my scores through September and completed 23 months with no inquiries.

The shoe is still hanging over my head related to loosing good 10 year old reporting accounts that may drop any moment. Will it really affect me? Other than potentially lowering my FICO scores, not really. Not credit seeking.


Wishing all of you the best as you set goals and work towards achieving them! Don't forget that you can also Garden to ease the pressure of applying for credit. The Garden gives you a breather and let those owed balances get paid up.


Update, closed a bank out including a line of credit for the checking account and their visa credit card. Total credit eliminated was $12,000. Experian shows me with my head still above water and no changes in my scores. The bank was a putz and after thirteen years, I could not justify putting myself through their grief anymore!


Second update, pulled all three credit bureaus today and everything stayed status quo! All reporting is totally current and recent card and bank credit line closures reported. Both EX and EQ left the ten year card marked for drop on the report. TU took the card off but the score remained the same. Amazing!


Keep me company here in the FICO Challenge 'ya'll hear now' Smiley Happy

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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

Thank you Kenny!

We were able to pick up a couple of Business CC's a handful of days ago and NOW maybe we can lower our utl and not bounce around from card to card in doing so.

Hopeful that will make life easier, simplier and let my scores level out. Experian is just too sensitive still with balances, no matter how small. Got to get those scores up, no inquiries, no nothing and then I'll see some stability in that Exp. score.

Kutgw Dinosaur, hopefully when that tl falls it'll be like a tree in the forest.....did it make a noise?

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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

Well, since joining the forums here, I have learned so much! 

Need to let some inquiries age a bit more. Let my cards age a bit more. (4 cards in the last 6 months)

Oldest card from my bank is about 2 1/2 yrs old. Chase Amazon at 1yr 8mo.

TransUnion and Equifax clean. Experian has an old medical set to drop off Feb. 2020.

Time to sit back and wait....

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Current Score - May 2020: EQ: 692 TU: 697 EX: 736

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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

Last year, I had a goal to hit 680 by September of 2019.
January, I upped my goal to hit 740 by December of 2019.

As I sit in my 770s/780s, I am happy to say that this board has done me a world of good, and unless I engage in some uncharacteristic activities, I should be pretty stable for a good long while to come.

My next 2 card goals are the SDFCU 2% CB card, and then the Comenity AKC card - I'm planning on 2020 for those apps.
And since I'm having to work on my FICO2 for the SDFCU, I feel no reason to leave the garden right now.
This month, 2 INQs become unscorable (EX and EQ), and then I shouldn't see much movement until February/March.
I'm really looking forward to next fall, when my rebuild INQs start falling off altogether (they're unscorable for the most part now, but seeing them gone will make me feel like my credit report is 'cleaner')

I wish everyone the best in their goals!

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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

@calyx hey hey hey that State Department Federal Credit Union 2% card plus benefits that resemble Infinite Cards! Would love to have it. Hear they are a tough master. Best Wishes as you move forward!
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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

My first time particpating, however I have been reading these boards since last year and the knowledge I acquired to help myself was amazing! I started in 2017 with a 525 credit score, not that I had a bunch of negative information I simply had never had a CC or loan so no history. I did have 4 medical bills and 1 old Direct TV bill and after getting those taken care of, getting a store card and getting some credit cards, adding a little history to my file I now proudly sit at 714 EX, 724 EQ and 708 TU. I have recently gotten approved for Discover and Apple! Looking forward to my continuing progress and never looking back to the red zone lol!

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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

Checking, been a bit.


Credit's in a boring place right now, but that isn't a problem haha.


I start seeing some inquiries fade over the next few months and hopefully the new accounts penalties will be lessened though I don't get to fully inquiry / new account free for 12 months until April of next year. 


There isn't really anything I need to do with my credit currently, if mortgage rates continue to fall I may consider pulling the trigger on a refinance but that's kinda iffy since not quite swimming in cash like I was for the first half of this year and I'm shifting to a more conservative financial strategy.


Thoughs speaking of LOL worthy FICO things in mortgages: my TU FICO 4 has a 60D late that's still counted as recent, and it's at 772.  I'm not sure I'd be that high even clean honestly, my EX FICO 2 took a bit of a hit because I left a balance on the wrong card that apparently isn't counted under that model and is clean except for that, some inquiries, and the new accounts penalty that doesn't exist on the 60D scorecards: 759.


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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

Well, well, well.


It's October 3rd and I still haven't had any beer this month.   This is a travesty.


What's not a travesty anymore is my credit.   September left my F8's at 790 and 796.    My Vantage was at 799 and my F9 was at 825.


I have been seeing some old accounts drop off my reports and that has hurt a little bit but the F8s over 800 goal is still within reach.


My early Vantage scores this month are coming in at 805 and they have been running ahead of my F8s lately so I am thinking a may still be short of the goal this month (at least one one of them - I follow TU and Ex, no one gives me an EQ version but the data there is all about the same)   


Once I hit the goal - I'm buying all my scores from MYFico.   The larger goal for 2020 is to buy an investment property.     I'm self emplyed so that should


I see some of you are further back in the process than I am.   Just so you know, I was once there too.    I am proof that you can get it all good and see some nice scores for yourself.   Remember, time and good habits are always your friend.


My first F8 rolls in this weekend.  It is usually the higher of the two scores so I am hoping September's 796 crosses that 800 mark.   I can't wait to see it.    Just getting that F9 825 last month felt pretty **bleep** good.  C'mon F8!!!


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Re: October 2019 Check In Thread

@Lucifer wrote:

Well, well, well.


It's October 3rd and I still haven't has any beer this month.   This is a travesty.


That there is the WHOLE problemSmiley Tongue Gotta get them scores drunk!

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