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3 Bureau Changes & Updates

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3 Bureau Changes & Updates

A couple questions for the experts here. 1. If you have a change on a bureau, do the other 2 ever catch up with each other & update with the same info ? For example, if I have good info on one but it doesn't report to the other. 2. If it doesn't change, can a consumer have it changed ? Can you forward a report copy to another bureau & have the positive info added ? If this info has been shared before, I apologize. I have read a lot of posts & haven't seen it mentioned before. Thanks
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Re: 3 Bureau Changes & Updates

CRAs get their info from the OC... So if there is current info NOT being reported such as a new TL only on EX and TU but not EQ call or write the OC... If there was a TL you PFDd then you need to contact the CA or OC depending on who you made the arrangement with...
Sending a copy of TU to EX will serve no purpose.
Hope this helps.

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