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41 Point Drop From One Inquiry

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Re: 41 Point Drop From One Inquiry

@ImTheDevil wrote:

OP, go through your reports with a fine tooth comb. Unless you have a ton of inquiries, I can’t see any way this inquiry would smash your score for 41pts.

Actually, if this were the case the OP would have lost even less or no points.  Once someone has a certain amount of scoreable inquiries present on their CR (say 15+) the addition of more inquiries stops impacting score.  Maximum scoring penalty happens at a certain point and adding more inquiries won't further lower score.

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Re: 41 Point Drop From One Inquiry

@mmmagique wrote:

Maybe it's coincidental, but they email me every time there is any change, and this is the only change there has been. 

This is a common misconception.  You receive "alerts" for alertable events.  There are plenty of non-alertable events that you won't get notifications of, but they can be score-changing events regardless.


There is no way that a single inquiry impacted a FICO score 41 points, so it simply means that something else changed which caused the score drop (and the majority of that score drop at that). 

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