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75% vs 90%

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75% vs 90%

I recently got two new cards with 0% intrest for 14 months--thinking about maxing them out and use the money for a retirement issue.  What is the damage and what is the TRUE  threshold 75 or 90?  Have 80k in credit with 1% util---this would put me at 19% util if i maxed them both out--txs!

Navy Siggy Cash Rewards 25K , Navy plat visa 25k,navy go 25k, Navy Check 15K, , USAA Am Exp 18K, USAA MC Rate Advantage 18K, Discover IT 18.5K, PayPal Extras MC 7.5K, Chase Military Star MC 2.5K, Military Star 8.05k, Wallmart discover 7.5k, Amex bce 25k,Boa cash rewards25k, southwest chase 4k, nasa cr 30k,nasa rew 5k,barc rewards 25k=279k+ scores 750 across the board
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Re: 75% vs 90%

Each card is scored for utilization as well as overall utilization.  So by maxing them out you will get dinged for that even though your overall will still be ok.



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