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Re: AAoA

@SouthJamaica wrote:

I was under the impression that 3 yrs 6 mos is a threshold.

I sort of was too, which is why I asked the OP if he saw any gains at 42 months.  Hopefully he'll report back, as I'm curious.

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Re: AAoA

BBS My recent testing indicates '98 and '04 algorithms don't award AoYA awards at 12 months, on my profile, anyway. So I was wondering if you received any points at 24 months.

Back to the drawing board!
Under Recon:Should I?

Installment loan reported this month,so technically, I'm at 2 months, but AoYA points were NOT reset. When new CCs hit and it is reset, I'll put the number it is.+0,+2,+2(Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)
Scores updated AUG 4, '19. Since then, 4 HP dings to add; will update again.
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Re: AAoA

My credit profile has been fluctating too much from utilization to be able to track if that threshold caused a gain - sorry I couldn't provide a better data point. 

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Re: AAoA

@CreditSage wrote:

My average age of accounts in 3 years 6 months. Is there a threshold (say 4 years) that once I pass my score will jump up? 

My most recent new card is 1 year four months. Is there a threshold (say 18 months) that once I pass my score will jump up?

It took me a long time to notice, but I seem to get FICO 8 AAoA bumps every six months. Some of my other scores don't budge when these thresholds are crossed.


My Transunion 04 (FICO 4) Auto jumped by 15 points recently, likely due to AAoA. I'd say that's pretty unusual, though, and certainly impossible to predict.

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