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BofA Authorized User


BofA Authorized User

I have a CL of 15k, that had a balance of 8000 when I first subscribed with myFICO, the owner of the CL made a payment of 250, but neither of my scores went up. It definitely gave me the alert of a balance decrease but no score increase Smiley Sad


Is this normal that my score wasn't affected due to me being only a AU on the CL?

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Re: BofA Authorized User

Your score increasing is dependant on a number of factors and not one alone as you mentioned.  Here is how the score is calculated.. You have to have the right mix to have your score go up and not just a balance decreasing.



So list what is in your credit file and suggestions will flow in as to how to go about raising your scores.

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Re: BofA Authorized User

Also, without knowing the rest of your profile, I wouldn't expect any change in score based on a $250 payment on a card with $8000 balance and CL of 15000 as you indicated. The utilization on the card went from ~53% to over 51% - not enough to make any real difference.

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