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Charged off card - Counting for Utilization?

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Charged off card - Counting for Utilization?

I have a charged off credit card from 3 years ago.  Its still reporting on all 3 bureaus as charged off, yet its counting against my utilization.  Its showing as if its 139% and counting as current.


Is that accurate?  

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Re: Charged off card - Counting for Utilization?

Yes, so long as the original creditor still owns the debt, they can report the outstanding balance and update with a new delinquency monthly. Your credit limit on a closed, charged off account is $0 - that's why the util is over 100%.

If you pay / settle the debt, they will update the account to reflect a $0 balance, which will reduce your util, and cease future delinquency updates but the account, tho paid, will still remain in a chargeoff status. Paying it will allow the derogatory to age and your scores will begin to rebound.

If the creditor sells the debt to a collection agency, they must update the account to reflect a $0 balance, notate the account as sold and will no longer report future months as delinquent - tho the account will still reflect a chargeoff status. You'll also likely end up with an additional negative tradeline for the collection agency which will update delinquencies on a monthly basis.
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Re: Charged off card - Counting for Utilization?

To clarify OP, it sounds like the account is reflecting a credit limit, not zero CL, and the balance was near that CL, but with fees now exceeds the displayed CL?
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Re: Charged off card - Counting for Utilization?

So sorry for the insanely long reply.  But yes exactly.  The amount still shows, but with fees has climbed over the top.

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