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Conflicting Reports

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Conflicting Reports

I recently removed several errors from my credit reports. I pooled my creidt reports on March 5, from all 3 bureaus and saw all the corrections are properly reflected on my credit reports.
I applied to refinance my mortgage and my loan officer pooled my credit reports and FICO scores on March 26. My FICO scores (TU 685, EX 696, EF 717) were lower than what I anticipated and I asked for copies. After close examination I realized that Transunion still had one of the errors that I have already fixed. However, I have a copy of the Transunion credit report from March 5 showing that particular error was removed.
I showed the loan officer the copy of my credit report from March 5 showing no negative entries. He said that it may take time for their system to get all the updates.
He said that I should do a rapid rescore to fix the problem. However, I don't feel it's fair to pay for a rapid rescore for something that is already fixed.
Another option is to wait couple weeks and then pool it again to see if the error is removed from their system, but I am afraid the inquiries will lower my score.
What would you recommend? Thanks.
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1. What is the benefit for you having a higher score in t...

1. What is the benefit for you having a higher score in this instance? With a 696 middle score, unless you are trying to get an exotic loan (stated-stated, interest only, etc.) then you are already in the prime category for rates/fees. A few points here or there won't make a difference in your loan.

2. If you have a corrected copy, don't pay for a rapid rescore unless is will impact your loan. The credit bureau already has the most current information even if your lender does not.

3. The inquiries in a couple weeks should not affect your score since it is a mortgage inquiry, but again it's probably not necessary for this transaction to have a score a few points higher.
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Verdnamp the ithing is that thecreditor may not have resp...

Verdnamp the ithing is that thecreditor may not have responded in the required amount of time resulting in this being removed.  When the lender pulled your score, what was the last reporting date?  It seems that even though they may not have responded they simply may have updated your file with their normal batch process reporting.  This can be done as long as the info is accurate.
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Actually I am applying for stated-stated/interest only lo...

Actually I am applying for stated-stated/interest only loan, and per my loan officer we need middle score to be in at least low 700's to have a good rate/fees. If I the error is fixed, my TU score will be at least 702  (per simulated FICO calculation), which will become my middle score.
My question is how often are these agencies update their database? Because as I stated earlier, I have a March 5 credit report retrieved from internet with all errors fixed.
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The same exact thing happened to me!   i pulled a report...

The same exact thing happened to me!
i pulled a report on march 5th to check if a incorrect late payment had been removed, and it had, and my score jumped up 42 points. then on march 25th i pulled it again because i heard rumors that tu was having issues, and sure enough the late payment is back on there! but oddly enough my score didt go down, it went up 5 points! I contacted tu and they told me they had no clue what i was talking about and refused to help me, so i contacted the creditor again and they will be resending the letter to tu that its incorrect and needs to be removed.
when i asked the tu associate if they were in fact having issues, he gave me a nervous laugh and asked me "uh, who told you that? its not true!"
whats going on here???
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They went through a major computer system change at the e...

They went through a major computer system change at the end of March/beginning of April. My file's still split, and I'm not sure I want it back together. Smiley Happy
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