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Confused =/

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Confused =/

These are all FICO TU98 scores from here.  November 2012 Score 700-- 3 accounts over 60 days that were CO's they are paid and all over 6 years old. 1 public record--1 medical collection over 6 years old not paid--5 Inquiries

Util 3% Oldest account--- 14 years 10 months--AAoA 8 years. Last late payment 4 years ago.


January 4 2013 Score 693-- Same as above except I got the Public record removed. My Util went to 4% and my oldest account went to 15 years. So score went down when I got my public record removed.


February 1, 2013 Score 680-- All my negatives are the same as January. TU Deleted closed positive accounts for no reason. Now I have Oldest account as 11 years 8 months and AAoA 7 years. My Util went to 5% Last late payment 4 years 3 months ago.


So my scored went down 20 points because I got a public record off and TU decided they needed to delete five positive trade lines and the one that was my oldest account? That seems a bit extreme. Oh and these accounts were all closed around 2005-2006 so they should have had a few years before the 10 year period on removal of positive closed accounts.


TU claims my creditors removed all the accounts in the same week. Lol sure. They also said I do not have a split file. Maybe they are suppressing my accounts because of to big of a file? I only have 14 accounts well 9 now!!!! I also do not use the B*


I am going for a home loan in June of this year. So my score dropping is stressing me out.


Any ideas on what I can do or what you may see causing my score to drop.


Thanks for your time and help.

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Re: Confused =/

I suppose the drop could have been worse. 3+ years in overall history and 1 year off AAoA could have resulted in a significant drop. YMMV for everyone of course. I lost about 25 last year when my oldest TL by 4 yrs dropped. AAoA was unchanged.


On the 700 to 693, the change could be due to increased util. 1% isn't much but if an added TL has a non-$0 balance or higher util on another CC, then that can cause it. 7 isn't much though.

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Re: Confused =/

I feel it is just ridicules that my score can change that much, especially since TU deemed it necessary to delete all of these positive trade lines 3-4 years earlier than the normal 10 year period. Then they talk to me as if I just got out of pre-school and I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to credit. These were the US representatives I am dealing with. I try not to lose it on the phone with them. Just when they tell me that five different creditors must have removed them all in the same week after 5-6 years of these trade lines being closed. I about explode.

Worst part of it is that they are not even required to report them if they choose. Though if you have a negative account that is closed and paid, hey that will stay on for 7 years +180 days!

Guess I am just getting fed up with how the three main CRA's work and how each one operates different. Then on top of that you have to deal with FICO.

Normally I would be fine with these accounts being removed. I would just let my AAoA regain after time. At this point 3-4 months away from trying for a new home will not be enough time for the points to come back. So I plan to fight TU on this one to have my accounts put back on. So I hope I can have a little luck on this.


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