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Confusion about "FICO" scores.

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Confusion about "FICO" scores.

Ok, I am confused.  I just read in one of the sticky threads that you can get a true TU FICO from, but that site sends you to  I'm already a member at Truecredit and they are reporting my TU FICO as 629.  Is this a true FICO or is this a FAKO?  If it's a FAKO, why do they report FAKOS's on their own system?  I'm sooo confused!!
The reason I ask is because myFICO says my TU score is 602.  Truecredit says it went up to 629 a couple of days ago. (I pulled a myFICO report to verify this and the score had actually dropped 4 points from 606 to 602). 
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Re: Confusion about "FICO" scores.

Truecredit = FAKO
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