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Credit Card Pay Down - Authorized Users (Spouses)

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Credit Card Pay Down - Authorized Users (Spouses)

Hello all!


On a journey to improve our credit and have a goal to refinance our mortgage in the next 6-12 months. Currently work on paying down credit cards as our utilization is high. Around 82% for each of us. Going to aggressively attack one card at a time and was wondering if it would be beneficial (credit score wise) to remove each other as authorized users.



Mid fico 8 655

Mid mortgage 612

Credit card 3100/3800 82% utilization 



Mid fico 8 664

Mid mortgage 652

Credit card 6700/8100 83% utilization


Going to start on mine (wifes) since it is a lower balance. If I remove myself as an au from hubby's card, shouldnt I see my overall utilization go down and a bump to my score as I pay off mine first? Or will it hurt my score? Both accounts have no lates and have been open since 2013.

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Re: Credit Card Pay Down - Authorized Users (Spouses)

Yes, you'd most likely see a slight bump from getting rid of a near maxed account.

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Re: Credit Card Pay Down - Authorized Users (Spouses)

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