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Credit Score

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Credit Score


I know its kinda off the topic since its credit card topic but i wonder :

  1. How many points your score went up each months ???? With 9% uti ?
  2. How many points its would increase for 6 months with perfect payment ?
  3. What the best possible way to get the max fico score increase ?

Thanks everyone.


Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 748 Wishlist: CSP, Simply Cash, SPG, BOLD, INK, United MP,
Goal Score: 800

Walmart: 10k |Usaa: 8k|BCE: 13k| Amex: NSPL|Dis: 9.4k|Cap: 5.5k|CAP: 2k|CSP: 13.4k| Pen:4.5k

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Re: Credit Score

this would be better answered in the understanding fico board... mods? 


and as for that there is no guaranteed number. 

if you buy your reports from myfico they have a fico simulator that you can use to guesstimate but thats about it. 


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Over 12 Months:9

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Lower Utility
Earn Cash Back

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Citi DC $10,000
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Re: Credit Score

it all depends on what your credit report looks like, if you have derogs etc. with my limited history I probably went up 3 points a month with good history PIF each month, with that being said if your report is clean just wait for it to age, if you have derogs work hard to keep them clean. My first premier 2x accounts were removed with 51 lates (falsified lates, I only stopped payment once... my scores went up about 100+ points in a single month so First Premier can suck my ITS letter (intention to sue) that was used to remove it =)


your utility should be 0-4% no higher for optimal utility.

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758
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