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Credit Score

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Credit Score

I will never understand how EQ says I have 42 accounts in good standing- but a low credit score ( mid 600's) Many of my accounts ( several revolving) have been paid off and closed for 6 years but they are pulling down my score! I know good accounts stay on for 10 years but if they are in good standing and paid off it makes no sense that they pull down your fico! I feel like I'll neverSmiley Mad reach the 700"s~Smiley Mad
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Re: Credit Score

If you were ever late years in the past, that brings you down. It should tell you what your negative factors are when you get your score. But believe it or not, some accounts paid on time can bring your score down. Some help scores, some hurt scores.

Please post what type of accounts and their history going back 7 years so we can help identify the negative factors. Smiley Happy
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