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Creditkarma logic?

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Creditkarma logic?

I guess I really don't understand the scoring model(s) creditkarma has.


Just updated, and my 2 new accounts posted:

1x amex, with CL  $11,000.

1x chase UMPE CL $2,000.


Due to backdating my AAoA went from 1.94y to 2.58y

Total accounts from 5 to 7

Util dropped from 4% to 3%


CK score dropped from 734 to 718

Vantagescore went up from 820 to 825

Auto insurance stayed the same at 765

Home insurance jumped from 779 to 802.


Can anyone make sense of all of this?




$1250                $4000              $15,000            $11,000         $1000(secured)      CLOSED!                  $5000        2.65%:
Starting Score: 0 (03/01/13) &Current Score: TU FICO 791 CK755 CS747 QZ747 &Goal Score: 750 new goal:800 garden since 03/21/14
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Re: Creditkarma logic?

FAKO is as FAKO does. Probably it's the new TL (assuming the Chase has a new open date).

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