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Difference in Scores

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Re: Difference in Scores

@scaredstrait wrote:

I have a question about why my fico score did not increase?


I just paid off a 39,000 student loan about two months ago and did not see any increase in my score or alerts on this site? Why is that? Do I have to report this to fico or is it the creditors responsabitlit?

Most posters report a score drop when paying off an installment loan - if it is their only open installment loan. An active loan(s) with a low combined balance to loan ratio is looked at as a positive factor in scoring. You lose that factor once loan is closed. On the flip side, a new loan with a very high balance to loan ratio may negatively impact score.


An open loan, just because it is open, does not negatively affect score. It's the state of the loan and payment history that can help/hurt score.

Fico 9: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 8: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
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Fico 8 BC:. EQ 892 TU 900 EX 900
Fico 8 AU:. EQ 887 TU 897 EX 899
Fico 4 BC:. EQ 826 TU 858, EX Fico 98 BC: 870
Fico 4 AU:. EQ 831 TU 872, EX Fico 98 AU: 861
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