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Difference in Scores

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Re: Difference in Scores

I wanted to check my Fico Score today. The score for Equifax is much better than the other two, because on my Equifax report I don't have a collection on my credit report.

Is this weird? Is this good news for me if I wanr to open a new credit card or loan?

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Re: Consumer reports article

Actually the difference between your "General purpose" score and the score my potential lender was looking at was not at all close. And I have yet to deal with a lender who uses the general purpose score. The difference was close to 50 points. Easily enough to disqualify me. The more people become aware of the useless nature of the score they are purchasing the less they will be buying. Your answer was weak and so was the answer from Tom Quinn. 



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Re: Difference in Scores

I'm new here. Just wanted to say that 2 years ago I knew nothing at all about credit, but I was given a free membership to credit monitoring that offered a Fako Plus score. Even though it wasn't used by lenders, it really did help me get an understanding of my risk levels as I began to rebuild. I signed up for every free score site I could find. As I made changes to my credit, I discovered that about 95% of the time I saw increases and decreases across the board on all. They may not be used by lenders, but I think they are certainly helping a lot of credit ignorant people, such as myself, get an understanding and interest into their credit. Thank you to everyone at this forum for all your knowledge and help.



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Re: Difference in Scores

know this is an older forum but I have to add my two cents. I find it apalling that not one consumer has gone on to argue these points when considering mortgage lenders or any loan for that matter. How can we possibly know our true score if we don't know whether we are right or the lender is? So who is but then does it matter if we are? No because we can only go by what any lender tells us. It's not fair to the consumer. There should have been a uniform scoring system put in place since the beginning of time for both consumer and lender. Where is the law in this? I can see by just searching, the controversy in this. And these lenders, it's like some secret door consumers aren't allowed to open. They don't even get specific in telling where they actually pull your scores. It's unprofessional at best. Someone needs to change this.
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Re: Here's the link....

well is have two letter today first Bclay card and the FICO score on the letter is mach perfect my score here on TU, the other is from Discover card is mach my FICO score here to from EQ so two different company and two different BR is very accure 

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Re: Consumer reports article

So you reference most lenders utililzing the Fico 4 score for mortgage lending.  Why is it that across the dashboard i am seeing Fico 8 scores and when i go into individual score agencies i.e. Transunion, Equifax and Experien, on some i seen that Fico 4 score, some i see Fico 5.  Shouldn't we be getting Fico 4 score for all mortgage reportng for mortgage?  What is the difference?



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Re: Consumer reports article

Here is the info I found on this forum, hope it helps....


In the mortgage industry (new mortgage loans and refinancing of existing mortgages), the following base FICO® Score versions are prominently used:

  • FICO® Score 5 based on Equifax data
  • FICO® Score 2 based on Experian data
  • FICO® Score 4 based on TransUnion data

Note, these versions may sometimes be referenced as Equifax Beacon 5.0, Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model v2 and TransUnion FICO Risk Score 04.

FICO® Score 5 based on Equifax data,  FICO® Score 4 based on TransUnion data and FICO® Score 2 based on Experian data are additional FICO Scores now available on when you order your product.



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Re: Difference in Scores

First off, I want to thank everyone on this forum for all that you do! This is such a great source of information, and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’tve been able to repair my credit! My question today is about different scores on different sites. I just joined MyFico last month for my official scores, and it says that my scores are as follows:

Equifax 750
Transunion 746
Experian 738

I am fully aware that all other scores from all other sources are considered FAKO scores(,, and, but I have credit-monitoring memberships on the official Equifax, Transunion, and Experian websites, and my scores on those sites are as follows:

Equifax 703
Transunion 778
Experian 740

I know for sure that the scale Transunion uses goes up to 990, and my Experian scores are very close to eachother, so I guess my question is why the variance with Equifax? Any info that can be sent my way would be greatly appreciated – thanks!

Equifax 750
Transunion 746
Experian 738

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Re: Difference in Scores

I have a question about why my fico score did not increase?


I just paid off a 39,000 student loan about two months ago and did not see any increase in my score or alerts on this site? Why is that? Do I have to report this to fico or is it the creditors responsabitlit?

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Re: Difference in Scores

@scaredstrait wrote:

I have a question about why my fico score did not increase?


I just paid off a 39,000 student loan about two months ago and did not see any increase in my score or alerts on this site? Why is that? Do I have to report this to fico or is it the creditors responsabitlit?

Did the simulator on this site show that you would get an increase.  Paying off loans won't necessarily increase score.  In fact, if it was your only installment loan, it could decrease your score. Paying down Revolving accounts, but keeping one card at 8% or less usually boosts your score.


Remember your score is based on your use of credit and how you handle credit. It's not based on 0 debt.

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