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Does eqifax have different versions?

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Does eqifax have different versions?

My dog ended up having to have surgery while visiting my sister, he had several bowel obstructions. I applied for care credit on 12/8 expecting to get denied. My TU fico was 598 and EQ fico 497. Well my instant denial showed my EQ to be higher


We regret that we are unable to approve your request at this time. The most significant reason(s) the application was declined are listed below:
ratio of revolving account balances to revolving credit lines
- delinquency, adverse public record or collection
- average age of accounts
- bank revolving obligation in ratio to bank revolving lines
We obtained information from a consumer reporting agency as part of our consideration of your application; its name, address and telephone number is shown below. The reporting agency played no part in our decision and is unable to supply specific reasons why we have denied credit to you. You have a right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to know the information contained in your credit file at the consumer reporting agency. You also have a right to a free copy of your report from the credit reporting agency, if you request it no later than 60 days after you receive this notice. In addition, if you find any information contained in the report you receive is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to dispute the matter with the credit reporting agency.
Equifax Credit Info Services
1550 Peachtree Street
Maildrop H 13
Atlanta, GA 30309
Information about your External Credit Score used in this evaluation for credit
In addition, we also obtained an external credit score from the consumer reporting agency indicated above and used it in making our credit decision. If more than one agency is listed the credit score was obtained from the first listed agency. Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your credit report. Your credit score can change, depending on how the information in your credit report changes. The credit score below was developed using standard industry methods and was used to evaluate your application. The credit score may differ from the score you obtain from a consumer reporting agency.
Your credit score: 557
Date: 12/08/2011

Scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850


Then yesterday i got a score watch alert because my fall student loans posted

Your FICO® score has gone up to 504 on December 9, 2011.

 I knew this was common with the different versions of TU available but I was not aware of anything with EQ, is this common?


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Re: Does eqifax have different versions?

Well, it does not say FICO anywhere, but it does list the scoring range as 300-850 which is the FICO scoring range.


Maybe a MyFico expert will chime in with more info.


Best of Luck!!

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Re: Does eqifax have different versions?

EQ has a beacon 9.0 version.  The EQ version here is the beacon 5.0.


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CLOSED FIRST HOME 8/19/11 EQ-630 EXP-691 TU04-653
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Re: Does eqifax have different versions?

Could also be an credit card enhanced score version....

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Re: Does eqifax have different versions?

tjmmp56 wrote:

Could also be an credit card enhanced score version....

Or an installment enhanced version, or a custom version...

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