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EQ vs EX. Huge Difference in score?

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EQ vs EX. Huge Difference in score?



I recently had 3 hard pulls.

10/9/13 Equifax Fico (300-850): 681

10/9/13 Experian Fico (300-850): 757

10/11/13 Experian Fico (300-850): 757


Any idea why credit scores between EQ and EX are so different?

I'm pretty sure the EX ones they pulled was FICO 08. I don't know what EQ might have been, 04 maybe?


Can someone please give me some possible explanation?


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Re: EQ vs EX. Huge Difference in score?

Can be different for everyone obviously but for me at least I found that back in the day some of my student loans didn't report to all of the bureaus, so my history/scores are lower with the bureau with least history. Take a look at your reports to see. Smiley Happy

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Re: EQ vs EX. Huge Difference in score?

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Re: EQ vs EX. Huge Difference in score?

Ive noticed my EQ and Exp are like 30+ pts difference. Hm
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Re: EQ vs EX. Huge Difference in score?

My Equifax is 689 while my Experian is 739 according to Credit One Bank Card and my Transunion is 722 Walmart Fico. The only difference in the reports is the amount of hard pulls but they are all a year old or older on Equifax and I have read that after a year they dont hurt your scores but they stay on for twenty four months. Something I is holding my equifax score down and its beyond me unless its those hard pulls. one falls off this month from 2011 and 4 fall off in Dec so I am hoping that will help.

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