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Re: Education Help

SSgtUSMC wrote:

To all:

My name is SSgt Vasquez and I am in the USMC currently deployed to Iraq. I want to give my Marines some training on understanding their credit reports and how to improve their FICO scores. I have reviewed allot of information on here but wanted to ask all of you if anyone had any additional pertinent information which may assist me whether it be a Power Point Presentation or Word document. I am by no means an expert but I want to give my Marines the best class I can present to them. They will be returning from this deployment with a substantial amount of money and want them to understand the hazards of buying that new car or splurging all of their money away. Any assistance or information is greatly appreciated.

If I put this is the wrong section of the forum I apologize.

P. Vasquez


Check out the sites in my .sig. Note that I am not offering any good or service of my own for profit therein...the sites are purely to inform the viewer about how credit scoring works.
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in a credit-scoring postnuclear Stone Age...
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