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Equifax Credit Scoring

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Equifax Credit Scoring



I currently have 3-in-1 Monitoring + One FICO® Score with Equifax but this report doesnt update my FICO score on a continous basis.


Any ideas where can I subscribe to monitor my FICO score on a continous basis?





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Re: Equifax Credit Scoring

Unfortunately, there really isn't a product that updates any FICO score on a regular basis, or at least no more frequently than CW as provided in that link. There are only 2 monitoring products for your FICO score. One is ScoreWatch for EQ only and that is basically the same as CreditWatch, except that it is a bit cheaper but doesn't monitor EX or TU. If you aren't happy with CreditWatch, you won't be happy with SW.


The other is FICO Quarterly Monitoring (TUQM) which is basically a pre-paid plan for your TU FICO score and paying monthly of just under $5 gets you a new TU FICO report every 3 months.


IMO, the most surest way to monitor your FICO score is to subscribe to a credit monitoring service that allows you to pull all 3 reports on a daily basis. I personally use creditchecktotal and NatCity's ID Protect (or whatever they call it now). Both allow you to pull a new report every 24 hours and with that you can see real-time changes to your reports. Now they provide scores, but they aren't FICO scores. As you see a change on that report, then come back to myFICO to pull your TU or EQ FICO report to see that score change, if any.

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Re: Equifax Credit Scoring

Equifax has several packages.  See  I can't remember which one I have, but I can look at my score anytime, and ca pull a report, but that may be limited to some number per year.  You can look at your score any time.  But BEWARE!  The tab that says Credit Score will most likely be somewhere back in geological time.  Mine is dated March 3, 2009.  The tab that says Score Watch will give you your Equifax score up to date, and you can set your target score & they'll email you when it goes to that.  Also, they send you notices if your score goes down.  Note that if you pull a report, it won't give you your score.  In my program, I can get 3 3-in-1 reports & after that I have to pay $19.95 for them.  As far as I know, there's no way to see the other 2 scores.


I checkes my score on MyFico, but it was way off Equifax's.  

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