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Equifax score

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Re: Equifax score

Tryin2betterscore2 wrote:
@BBS. .... thanks I might try that next time. What information do you put in the email ? so that I know I have it worded right.

You just want to provide them with the same pieces of information used when you cancel over the phone... your full name, DOB, last 4 of your SS# and zip code.  Just say that you've been trying to cancel over the phone without any luck, so this email serves as your official cancellation of your trial membership and that here is your personal information [add those 4 pieces of data] and that you'd appreciate a confirmation email back that your trial was indeed cancelled.  That's all you need!

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Re: Equifax score

Sounds great, thanks for info.

Just got rid of Capital One QS1 card out of my wallet on Christmas.. woohoo!!!

Hopefully due for CLI from Capital One QS in June.
And all my other cards should increase by that time (I'm hoping) along with the paying down some balances... My CS should be bouncing up to 700, I hope, by June 2018.
Citi Diamond limit 7300 (received May 2016)
Lowe's limit 12000 (received Feb 2015)
Chase 3000(received June 2017)
Bank of America 4500(received July 2017)
Simmons First 8000(received Sept 2017)
Capital One Quicksilver 2750(received orginal QS1 in Aug 2014 and Platinum in June 2017, converted Dec 2017)

Citi Double Cash 1000 (AU)
Capital one Platinum 600 (AU)

As of 12/17 BofA says FICO TU 689....
Capital One credit wise VS TU 12/19/17 says 631
Chase VS TU 631 as of 12/19/17, as of January 643
Citi Equifax 648 as 11/21/17, as of December 662
Lowe's TU 684 as of 12/07/17, January 689
Experian 703 as of 12/13/17
Credit Karma TU VS 631 as of 12/18/17
Credit Karma Equifax VS 629 as of 12/18/17
Discover free credit scorecard Experian 706 as of 12/17/17...... Transunion shows I have 2 inquiries.
Equifax 6
Experian 4

I have Citi going to be falling off May 2018
Chase, Capital One, and BofA falling off June 2019
Simmons falls off Sept 2019
And I applied for loan for HVAC system which I did not take advantage of... Falling off in 2019


No collections or charge offs leins of any kind.... I only have a 120d late from October/November 2011........

I have 1 mortgage at est. about 68k.
I have 1 car note est. about 12k.

More info to come asap.....

I hope to get on the penfed train by late next year. And woul not mind getting a Discover card and maybe American Express... Not sure just thinking I'd like to have Disc and AE in my wallet.... For sure want Penfed!!
Plan to be In the garden till December 2019.

I will try later to figure out how to get my spreadsheet uploaded as a pic on here so this is no so jumbled.....
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