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Experian Credit Score


Experian Credit Score

Is there a such thing as an Experian FICO score?


Right now, I check all three FAKO scores on a monthly basis (although Experian always updates twice a month) though USAA's Credit Check Monitoring Plus and every six months, sometimes every three, I check my Equifax and TransUnion scores through myFICO. I then keep track of my scores in Numbers (mac version of Excel) so that I can graph and compare them. But I don't have a FICO score to comapre with my FAKO Experian score. So, I was curious if there is even such a thing.

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Re: Experian Credit Score

Yes, there is a true EX FICO score.  It is just not available to the consumer.  EX quit selling it to us in Feb 09.  The only place to get it is from a lender/creditor or a CU in PA.

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