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Experian fico


Experian fico

Are the experience scores on my fico accurate? I was reading somewhere about the experian scores being unavailable.
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Re: Experian fico

EX just started selling their 08 version on myFICO in the last few months.  This is the only one a consumer can purchase.


It is accurate for the model/version that it is.  It is a newer model and there are some CCCs that use it.

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Re: Experian fico

@guiness. Which ones use EX08?

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Re: Experian fico

RIght off the top of my head I know Walmart uses them.  I also believe Merrick bank but I could be wrong on that one.  There are others but I can't remember right now.


You might search in the CC forum to see if you can find any thing.

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