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Experian score jumped 32 points

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Experian score jumped 32 points


  I am  very new to all this credit stuff,got some help about half a year ago from some members on here and I want to say thanks.


Just yesterday my Experian score jumped to 830 and I just wanted to share how it got there in case some are trying to get to that

exceptional score level.


Been a busy winter for us financially as we are preparing for some big changes and I was afraid my score would take a hit but here is

what I did.

I increased my CC from 1500 to 10000  therefore decreasing my CC utilization but I had a hard inquiry on my report but looks like it didn't affect it much.  


I paid 1,000.00 towards one of my small bank loans which decreased the balance to 900.00


I have 2 CC with a total limit of  18,500.00 with a total balance of around 3,000.00  


CC utilization went from 30% to 16%


credit score.JPG

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Re: Experian score jumped 32 points

Thats amazing, hopefully I can make it up there in the 800s one day, but right now I'll settle for atleast a 740.




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Re: Experian score jumped 32 points


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Re: Experian score jumped 32 points

That is fantastic... congrats!!!


What was your score before you got to 30% utilization?  AAoA? 


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Re: Experian score jumped 32 points

Congratulations on your success!
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Re: Experian score jumped 32 points

Excellent, it should rise even higher as you pay down your revolving debt.
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Re: Experian score jumped 32 points

Congratulations!  I am so happy for you!!  

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