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Experian so low

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Experian so low

Alright so I received a score watch alert for Equifax a few days ago stating my Fico score was now 661, I pulled my transunion fico from here yesterday and it was 675, now I got my fico from PSECU for experian yesterday and it was 575 -.-, the crazy thing is my one charge off account showing on the other two higher scored reports(should be removed from them soon as well) isn't showing on experian anymore and yes it is still my lowest score. It has less negatives then my tranunion yet a way lower fico score. Anyone know if its possible PSECU pulled the 1st of the month when the charge off was still there and one of my collection accounts hadn't reported paid in full, then just posted the score yesterday which reflected my score at the beginning of the month? Just kinda confused. Thanks.

Starting Score: myFICO TU: 542, myFICO EQ: 556 EX: 549 (03/2013)
Current Score: 729 TU, EQ: 702, EX 724

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