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FICO score updates with ScoreWatch

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FICO score updates with ScoreWatch

I am paying for ScoreWatch every month, but so far I haven't gotten any updates other than two e-mails telling me that my account balance went up. (Not sure how since I pay them down to zero every month.)


I have my setting set to what I think is my current score. I don't know if the ScoreWatch will tell me if my score goes up or down, or if I need to buy a new report? It seems like a waste to pay $14.95 for this every month. Should I cancel and just buy a new report every month for only $5 more? Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Re: FICO score updates with ScoreWatch

when I had ScoreWatch, I got reliable updates (although delayed upto a week) when my score changed.  As you stated, you have to set the target score to the current score.  You should have to guess what scorewatch thinks is your current score, it will show it when you are making that setting.

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Re: FICO score updates with ScoreWatch

I've only had the service for 2 months, and so far I've gotten 2 alerts on FICO increases/decreases (1 each). I love it - it updates me every week whether or not there has been movement, and according to today's report, does "spot checks" to detect score changes.


It was right on, too, because I had opened a new card in April and today it reported, and my FICO score increased because of it. A few weeks ago, the score decreased by 3 pts due to an inquiry.


I think the service works really well in my experience.

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