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Fico 547

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Fico 547

Has anyone ever had a fico score of 547? I've been careless regarding my credit. This past year I started clearing up my credit report. I would like to buy a home sooner than later. How long would it take me to raise my fico score to be able to buy a home?
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Re: Fico 547

Welcome to the forums!

I'd suggest reading the following:

Common Abbreviations
What Steps do I take, DV, PFD or GW
Credit Scoring 101

This will give you an idea of where to start. Good Luck!




547 is pretty low, but I've seen lower.  Look at my signature below.  As far as how long it will take to raise you're score, no one really knows.  We need info.  What's on your CR?  Where did you get that score?  What baddies do you have?  What postives do you have?


    Start with pulling your FREE CR's from (ACR) . they tend to have more info on them, then ones from a 3rd   party.   The CR's from ACR, come directly from each of the CRA's. You can pull 1 Free CR from TU,EQ and EX every 12 months.


   Save your money and Don't Buy the Scores, they are what we call FAKO's.



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