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Fico is Rising While Home Insurance is Falling


Fico is Rising While Home Insurance is Falling

So for the past month my Fico score has been on a nice incline. But today I went on to Credit Karma and notice in this time, my home insurance score has dropped significantly.


I know Credit Karma isn't the most accurate, but what would cause this?


I don't own a home and never have, so I have not had any claims.


My Auto Insurance score is on a steady rise as well...

Starting Score: EQ-563 TU-515 EX-578 VANTAGE-609 September 2013
Current Score: EQ-639 TU-627 EX-625 VANTAGE 662
Goal Score: 700 All Around

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Re: Fico is Rising While Home Insurance is Falling

As I understand it, the home and auto insurance scores are calculated based on your CR, but the algorithm is different from the one that generates your FICO score, with different factors being given different levels of importance. I don't think that the formulas for calculating these scores are public knowledge - and as you mentioned, CK is not a full CR so we can probably assume that the scores are not 100% accurate. I wouldn't worry about them - even if you have a low score, you don't have the information that you would need to improve it in one of these categories.

If you want to play detective, you could look at your CR. As your CK FAKO has improved and your home insurance score has decreased, what changes have you made? Have you added more accounts? Do you have a high number of inquiries? A lot of new credit? If that's the case, logic points towards those factors being weighed negatively for the home insurance score.
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