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HELOC and FICO 8 Scores DP

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HELOC and FICO 8 Scores DP

I closed on a HELOC in early May of this year to complete some home renovations which we plan to pay off in a couple of years.   A couple of days ago, the HELOC balance updated to 66% of the total, and my FICO 8 scores did not budge for any bureau.  I also checked my EX scores on their site, and none of the FICO versions budged.  I know Vantage scores are not used widely, but even the TU Vantage 3.0 score dropped only 4 points.


The HELOC shows up under the revolving credit section on my report, but the account type is listed either as "Home Equity" or "HELOC" depending on the bureau.  My FICO 8 scores range between 747-757.


I just wanted to put this out there in hopes that it will help others.

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Re: HELOC and FICO 8 Scores DP

Nice! So you closed in early May and it popped up in early July? Essentially 2 months to report?


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Re: HELOC and FICO 8 Scores DP

I closed on the loan May 9th. It showed up on my credit report June 1st with a very tiny balance. I can't determine what my score impact was when it 1st reported because I had a lot of movement on my report during that time. 

this was the 2nd month reporting. 

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