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Help understanding my FICO score....

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Help understanding my FICO score....

Hopefully someone can help me understand this....


In the past 6 months I've really been working hard to pay off my balances and have also succeeded to have some negative information removed from my files...


My current FICO score w/ Equifax is 606....(It hasn't really moved from this range in months)


When I go to the website and view my 3 scores they shows as 

Experian: 685


Equifax: 722


These have all increased almost 100 pts each in the past 6 months....


Why am I seeing positive results in my scores on the site but not with my FICO score?





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Re: Help understanding my FICO score....

Because the scores from EX are not FICO scores but FAKO scores and there is no correlation between the 2.  Your FAKO can go up and your FICO go down or stay the same and vice versa.

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