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How High Can I Go?


How High Can I Go?

Hey guys quick question about my scores.

Right now, my EX is at 683 and my TU (Walmart) is at 689. I'm assuming my EQ FICO is pretty close since those two are similar.

Now here's the issue. I'm confused on how my scores are so high. Although I'm not complaining, but 2011 was a pretty dark year for me. My file reads:

9 student loan accounts (I'm consolidating soon) : 120 days late
1 CC - 150 days late (now reporting as good standing since I paid it off)
1 CC that was in collection - Legally paid for less than balance
1 30 day late on auto loan.

All of those negatives are from 2011 except for the auto loan, which was in 2012. My AAoA is 3.7 years.

So, do you guys think I can hit 700 soon? Or should I do some more begging and pleading to get those negatives removed? No one's budging because they've gotten their money (Except for student loans, which are in forbearance since I'm back in school). What are my chances?

Scores as of 7/28/13: EX.683   TU.688   EQ.???
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Re: How High Can I Go?

Depends what you mean soon, the next several months doubtful. In the next 12 months maybe a 150 days and a collection are major derogatories and will take many years to fall off.

Fico 8 12/9/17
Equifax 850, TransUnion 842 10/30/17 , Experian 842 12/11/17 . AAOA 12 years Oldest 20
No inquires since 2014
All credit reports frozen
Fico 8 Equifax Bankcard 866 12/27/16
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