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How Long Before....

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How Long Before....

How long do derogatory accounts remain on your credit report?
I have an old auto loan with WFS Financial that is paid off and was 30 days late once in November 2002? I opened the account in February 2001. Account reads as Date of last activity October 2004, which was when I paid the loan off.
Also, I have an NMAC account opened in August 2002 with no late payments and date of last activity September 2003.
And another NMAC account opened in August 2002, date of last activity July 2005. 30 days late in December 2002 and January 2003.
How long before these fall off my credit reports? When do the CRA's start counting the years?
FICO's 03/03/08 EQ 597, EX 581, TU 606
FICO's 04/30/08-EQ 632, EX 620, TU 618
FICO's 06/03/08 EQ 607, EX 591, TU 599
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