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Last negative items removed Experian

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Last negative items removed Experian


A year ago I had repaired 16 of 19 defaulted school loans through transunion and my score jumped to 724  no other defaults on the report. 


On experian I had to wait until they aged in August this year all 19 were negative in April 2013 and my score from home loan application was 685 but I noticed that they removed them early and removed an old collection too. This must of happened between April and now because I don't watch Experian report. I know we can't get the scores unless we apply for mortgage etc..


But I was really curious since I've rebuilt my credit tremendously since 2008 and transunion shows it even with negatives on it. I have a mix of mortgage, auto loans, credit cards etc..


What I'm wondering is will Experian be in 700's when they pull the updated report on Monday?

I'm wondering how long does the score take to bounce once the last negative items get removed? 

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Re: Last negative items removed Experian

Well I just realized we are able to purchase Experian scores for $20 and I made the purchase it charged my credit card and then told me I need to call customer service on a Sunday. The whole reason to purchase today is just that to know my score today.


Refund maybe?

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