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More credit for credit score increase?

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Re: More credit for credit score increase?

The word your mortgage lender used was almost certainly "middle" score, rather than average score.  That's important in many cases because a person can have a very bad score on one bureau, but the other two scores are good.  For example a 761, 760, 630.  The middle score is 760 and the average is 717.  If the average was used he'd end up paying a higher interest rate in that example.  But mortgage lenders use the middle score.


Since you will not be buying a house for many years (if ever) you can forget about your mortgage scores.  The scores you should be tracking for the future are your FICO 8 scores, and possibly FICO 9 scores (though most lenders are not using FICO 9 yet so FICO 8 scores are fine).


Be sure that they are not Vantage scores or other non-FICO scores.


It sounds like you may not know what your three FICO 8 scores are.  These could be quite a bit different from the middle mortgage score, so I encourage you to sign up for the $1 trial at Credit Check Total and grab your three FICO 8 scores there.  You can always cancel the next day.

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Re: More credit for credit score increase?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread. I learned stuff I didn’t know back in 2016 when we were trying to buy a house: AZEO, 8.9%. I am adjusting my goals now thanks to this discussion.

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