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Morgage impact?

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Morgage impact?

We got our morgage loan, but since it is a new construction, it will not be reflected until the house is bulit.
WOndering, what impact will my CR take when they add morgage on it?
Inq for my morgage= TU went up 12;   EX down 17points  ; EQ down 2
I'm intersted in this, sonce we want to by some furniture and appliances and will go with in store credit to get 0% for 12 months or more.
Is it better to do this before morgage reflects?
Thank you.
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Re: Morgage impact?

For a data point:
Before I added my mortgage for my house, my FICO would not pass 770. I had CC cards, installment loans, and (1) Charge Card. As soon as the mortgage hit my credit report I went up to the low-790's. It quickly sunk to the 750's when I opened a new BBuy and Local furniture store charge card. It increased over time as the inquiries and the new accounts aged.

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