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best plan of action

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best plan of action

I've been reading many posts here and hope I can get some advice from all you FICO pros out there. Here's my situation. I just pulled my EQ credit score and i have a 621. I currently have a balance of about $7000 on my revolving accounts. I will have about $5500 next week to pay towards my credit card accounts. So I did the score simulator to see how my credit score would change. When I applied $5000 towards my balance in the next 1 month, my score jumped to a high range of about 680. But when I simulated paying down my balance $1000 for the next 6 months, i got a higher range upward to about 711. So my question is this - since i will have the money available to pay off my bills, should I just go ahead and pay down my balance ASAP, or should I pay about $1000 each month towards my balance (which will in turn cost me more in accrued interest) but will likely boost my credit score? I'd appreciate any advice! Thanks!!!!

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Re: best plan of action

The simulation takes the aging of your credit report over 6-months into account. I personally hate CC debt and would pay it off immediately esp. if I am paying double digit interest on it. HOWEVER, if you do not have money tuck away for a rainy day (Emergency Fund), I would not just blow the 5500 because who knows what could happen next month. I would pay as much as I could to get my credit util down to at least 30-50% (it seems less than 10% is the ideal range though); and would save the rest. Then I would pay down as much as I could monthly based on new income. That's just my thought on it.

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