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Valued Contributor - Real? Anyone using it yet? appears to offer FICO scores from all 3 bureaus.  Has anyone here subscribed or tested their service or monitoring?  

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Re: - Real? Anyone using it yet?

Haven't tried since they announced their changes. I was able to pull all 3 FICOs via a tri-merge, but they had later announced they did away with it.

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Re: - Real? Anyone using it yet?

I poked at it a bit today - It's pretty pricey, and offers more stuff than I would actually want.  I wish there was someplace to get all 3 fico scores and reports monthly with no other BS frills, at a reasonable price.  Is that too much to ask?

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Re: - Real? Anyone using it yet?

try identity monitor, They give you FAKO but its monthly reports + scores. and daily monitoring of new accounts and such.

As Of 11/11/2016

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Re: - Real? Anyone using it yet?

I just poked around a bit on their page.  I definitely didn't like that you can't see their prices without signing up.  Their product descriptions seemed kind of vague.  It definitely sounds like you're going to get x number of reports with your subscription, but the only thing it directly said was that you'll get to use their analyzer based on reports you upload - meaning the price of the CR may be  extra.  Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of the pages, they'll mention FICO.  But on the page where you select what program you want, they resort back to using the words 'true credit score.'  You also cant read the terms and conditions without entering cc info.  There are also some grammar issues on their pages.  All of that makes me really leary about using them.  They may be legit but a 5 minute look at their page certainly didnt invoke any confidence in them.

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