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Need help to determine if my CR information is accurate / Updated. More detailed information.

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Need help to determine if my CR information is accurate / Updated. More detailed information.

I have a CO account and after many unsuccessful PFD attempts with the creditor, I decided that my only option would be the balance owed in full and accept the possibility that will see a score drop but should be better off in the long run due to no more reporting of delinquency each month going forward.


I paid off the balance on March 4th.  In early April, they updated the account as still in charge off and still showing the balance.  I called and they said it is not their error and I should dispute that with the CRAs...  I called the CRAs and they said the only thing they can do is file the dispute for me so I said OK, let's do that.  A few days later.  The disputed result came back and my FICO score dropped 29 points.


Here is the data I just requested from annualcreditreport website:


Account Number 100000XXXXXXXXXXX
Account Type Deposit
Responsibility Individual
Date Opened 01/19/2016
Status Paid, Closed. $581 written off.
Status Updated 04/22/2019
Balance -
Balance Updated -
Recent Payment -
Monthly Payment $0
Original Balance $371
Highest Balance $0
Terms 1 Months

Payment History

LEGEND CO Charge off

Historical Information - First Reported 04/2019


So two things I am noticing:


1.  Payment History:  ONLY the month of April has the CO, all other previous months have no payment history on it.  It used to have the CO on every single month for the past 2+ years.  But after the dispute, all of the payment history data are wiped clean, and just one CO as payment history showing for the month of April.  Which is totally incorrect, as nothing should be on the month of April since the balance was PIF on March 4th.

2.  Historical Information: First Reported 04/2019.  This account was appeared/reported on my CR on 07/2017.  So should the First Reported date to be 07/2017 instead of 04/2019?  This seems to imply and telling the CR to treat this CO account as a brand new CO account, which in turn, much more damaging to the scoring because it is brand new.  Am I correct?


I have two other CO accounts, which recently PIF.  I saw score increased on each one of them when reported Paid, and no other data on the existing report changed other than the updated as Paid.  Payment history stop reported on account, while the other account reported as Current.  I got respectively a +6 and +16 points increase on those accounts.  But this one dropped -29 points.


So, for the experts here.  Is there anything wrong with the data?  If there are, how can I proceed to correct the errors?  It is extremely frustrating that you tried to make good on your end just to be penalized for such good faith.

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Re: Need help on score drop

Shameless bump!


Anyone have any pointer?

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Re: Need help on score drop

It's a good question. 


Do you have copies of all three reports from before March?  E.g. Jan 2019 or earlier.  Ideally, these would be your full reports from


If you do, can you confirm that these older reports described the account in all the same way?  E.g. the same account name, same Date Opened, same month/year when the account was closed by the creditor, same date when the first delinquency appeared (likely a Day 30 late), same date for when the chargeoff occured, same balance owed, etc.


And are these older reports the same as what you see on your report(s) in March?


If so, it would be helpful for you to summarize all that info (in text, rather than as a screenshot).  I.e. account name, account type, Date Opened, DOFD, Date Closed, Date Charged Off, Balance, Status, etc.


Are you saying also you have pulled your reports in the last week and now one or more of those fields read differently?  Describe which one if you can and how it has changed.


Part of the reason you may not be getting a response from folks here is that you are giving them a lot of interpretative work to do, i.e. five screenshots. People may not have the time to do that.


Another reason is that only a couple days had passed.  Bumping one's own thread is discouraged by the moderators, though in my opinion one discreet bump after a week has gone by might be ok.  I encourage you to consider editing the first post so that the summaries I descrbed are incorporated.  That might make it easier for people to help.


I do not myself have experience with derogs, so I can't help especially, beyond guiding you toward supplying the kind of info that people with experience might need.

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Re: Need help on score drop

Thank you  



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Re: Need help on score drop

Bump. New data.  Hope it clears up a few things.

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Re: Need help to determine if my CR information is accurate / Updated. More detailed information.

A charge-off can appear multiple places in your credit report.


First, whenever reported, and separate from either current status or the record of prior monthly status in the payment history profile, the creditor can provide the initial amount of the charge-off.  That is sticky reporting that thereafter remains regardless of reported current status, or of prior monthly profile status.


Second, the common CRA credit reporting manual gives creditors the opportunity, either for current status or profile of any prior status under the payment history profile, to report the level of delinquency as either in months late (e.g., 20/60/90/120/150/180+ late), OR simply as CO if the delinquent debt has also been subjectected to an accounting charge to profit and loss.

If a CO status is reported, the creditor is additionally required to report the DOFD to the CRA, which then permits anyone to determine the actual months since initial delinquency.  They are essentially equivalents.


When a debt that was previously subjected to a CO is subsequently paid, only the current status updates to Paid.

The CO remains in the credit report under the sticky posting of initial balance at time of CO, and also under the prior monthly status record under the payment history profile.

Thus, paying a CO does not remove it from the consumer's credit report or from scoring.


Updated or delayed use of CO status under either current status or payment history profile first use does not treat the charge-off as "new."

In fact, creditors do not report and the CRAs do not provide codes for storing the date that a creditor takes a charge-off.  They can first report having done so at any later time.  The CRAs do not provide a code for reporting or storing the date of a charge-off, and it is not used for any scoring purpose.

The age and effect of a charge-off is its time since initial delinquency, which is recorded under the separate and required reporting of the actual date of first delinquency, with the age then being the period since DOFD.


AS for gaps, delays, and apparent inconsistencies in payment history profile, such as delay in initial reporting of a given delinquency, such as a CO, and gaps with no monthly status, that is common.

While you can choose to dispute such payment history profile reporting as incomplete, consumers rarely choose to do so, as the result will usually be the addition of each and every monthly delinquency since initial date of delinquency.

Over the decades, gaps and delayed first reporting has  become common, and is rarely disputed.

You can choose to do so, but prior inaccurate reporting can simply be corrected, and does not compel any removal of derogs or of the entire account.


Howver, one inaccuracy I would recommend disputing is if your payment history profile continues to show a delnquency status for any month after the account was paid, as that is clearly inaccurate and misleading to anyone reviewing the report.




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Re: Need help to determine if my CR information is accurate / Updated. More detailed information.

Thank you for your help and recommendation.  I'll make sure to dispute that piece of information for sure then.


Do you see anything else is wrong with the reporting beside the payment history?


I just don't understand why such a drastic change on the account data.  On why it gets wiped out, and the First Report Date is changed.  As stated.  I have 3 CO accounts.  All PIF.  Two of them reported as paid with correct information on payment history and I get score increase.  But this one changed the reported data, paid but wrong payment history, and a massive score drop.  


If the account has a CO payment history for months.  The score drop already factored in months ago.  But if all the previous payment history is gone and only the payment history of April is shown.  Wouldn't the system treat it as a brand new recently delinquent payment which why the massive score drop?



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Re: Need help to determine if my CR information is accurate / Updated. More detailed information.

The debt became delinquent as of the date of first delinquency, and not as of the date that the CO was reported.


When a creditor reports a CO, they must also report the DOFD, which is then the date that determines when the debt first became delinquent.

Subsequent updates that show a continued delinquency status (i.e., unpaid) then positively report that the period since initial delinquency has been extended.

It is thus the extended period since initial delinquency which impacts the scoring of the delinquency.  It is not considered as a "new" delinquency, but rather as an extension time since date of original delinquency.

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Re: Need help to determine if my CR information is accurate / Updated. More detailed information.

So if the debt been reporting for a while.  The impact of the scoring of the CO leveled out (no changes in the scoring for the past several months) even the payment history keep on extending as non-payment.  Is this sounds correct so far?


So if nothing changes up until the date the CO is paid.  If the account is reported properly as Paid, and no further negative payment data reported, the account should see an improvement in scoring.  Right?  That's what I saw with my two other CO account.  I got +16 and +21 respectively for both of those CO accounts Paid.  But the 3rd one, this one, gave me a -29 points.


So based on what you are seeing, just by reporting one additional month of negative payment all of sudden caused a drop of 29 points?  Remember that nothing else changed on the report and the score has been stable with the non-payments for months.


I am just trying to get all the information before submitting the dispute Smiley Happy  It is clear that the incorrect non-payment reporting is 100% wrong since I paid the debt in full in March and the reporting of non-payment for the month of April is wrong.  But is there anything else at play to cause such a drop in the score?


Btw, where is the DOFD on Experian credit report?  I cannot find that information anywhere on the report that requested through freeannualreport website.

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