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New Account Ding?

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New Account Ding?

There's one new account I opened up, but there's no HP listed on the credit reports i get my FICO from.  (HP hit EX, apparently.)


What's the affect of a New Account my score, aside from lowering AAoA?  Given that I have 17 accounts open, this account didn't really budget my AAoA much.  Is "New Account Ding" reflective of anything except hit to AAoA?

Starting Score: 01/12/2013 EQ 683
Current Score (myFico): 5/8/13 TU 734, EQ 738 05/04/13 EX 722
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Re: New Account Ding?

With no other changes to my FICO report and zero impact to AAoA, I've lost as much as 20-25. And this was completely aside to mix of credit and impact to util, which should be taken into account too when figuring the impact.

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Re: New Account Ding?

    Besides AAoA a new account will affect your utilisation % if you have any balances on other cards. For example if you have a second card with a $1000 credit limit that has a $500 balance and you get a new account with a credit limit of $1000 then your util% will go from 50% to 25% and you may see your scores pop up a bit.

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