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No Fico Score

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No Fico Score

I have about 11 years of history with three paid and closed installment loans and a paid and closed cc not one single late payment, but they were all over 8 years ago.  Now that I want to buy a house, I don't have a fico score.  I opend a secured credit card three months ago and my wife added me as an authorized user on her amex with a CL of $28,300 and 8 years of perfect history.  


Do I just need to wait for 6 months of current history?  Do I not have a score because I had no open accounts for so long?

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Re: No Fico Score

You would need at least one account that has been open for 6 months or more. 


Being an AU should have given you instant history from that account.  Are you sure it is reporting to all 3 CRAs?

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Re: No Fico Score

Being added as an authorized user will give you score when the account is reported.

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