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One year check in with credit

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One year check in with credit

I just wanted to post here as a thank you to the community and as a one year check in. I looked into myFico months before I started applying since I wanted to prepare myself well and I think I've had a good year. Approved for 6 cards I think I've only applied for 8 in total (yes I know, it's the 18-19 year old impatience, although it also helps since I practice AZEO religously since I micromanage all my cards (MaxRewards use useful for this). I've never carried a balance, not spent frivolously and especially not for the SUB. If I need to put spend for SUB, I just pay tuition early if I ever need it, so even if I overpay, my school just ACH transfers the excess funds back to my bank account so it works out well.


In the past year, along with having 6 approvals (BCP still not showing), I've gotten a CLI on every single card in the past year and multiple on the Discover IT/Macy's card which I don't think I could have done without the help from this great forum. I've proud of what I've done so far, pushing all my scores over 740 (even with 7 inq on Experian) and now having really high limits for my income (<$30k). I don't really know how much higher my scores could go given my account age but I'll be seeing that in the next 1-2 years, most of the points now will just be coming from aging. When I finish college, I won't need to have any worry about my credit scores for a mortage (or anything else) since I'll have my entire credit profile set by then (probably only 1-3 more cards in the next 2-3 years, just United Card and 2% visa card ideally with noFTF).


Although I know credit is a marathon not a sprint, I'm pretty surprised with the approvals I've gotten so far, probably due to my low and responsable usage at my age. I'm really only looking at the United Explorer in the near future (this next year) due to the continued savings it will give me. I plan on downgraded all of the AF cards except for the gold card to a noAF version (Custom Cash and BCE) as the Annual Fee hits.


Thank you to everyone and have a great day!


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Re: One year check in with credit

Big congratulations on your progress, and for getting started young! Keep up the good work! You are already well on your way!

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Re: One year check in with credit

Nice job. Congrats on building for the future.

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