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Please Help

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Please Help

Ok so I have a credit one credit card its showing up on Equifax and experian but not on my transunion but you can apply for a loan at lendingclub and if denied it gives you your fico08 score in the denial letter it says my transunion 08 fico is 756 basically the same score I have on Equifax and experian now if i apply for the loan and put my current address it comes back with a score but if I use a previous address it says no report found on my transunion report it has my name current name as renorvio alexandria and my real name as an alias any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Please Help

I'm not understanding your question here.  What are you trying to do and/or what is your goal?


Off topic, but if you have FICO 08 scores that are around 750, there's no reason you should have a Credit One card since they are a horrible lender and you're likely paying an AF.  With your scores you could easily scoop up a non-AF card or two with creditors that are much better, have great CS, etc.

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