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Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your help. Is TransUnion in general a tougher nut to crack than Equifax?  My TU score is 786 compared to 816 Y Equifax. I know it's exceptionally silly to obsess over the difference as both scores are reasonably high. It's just that I started out SO very low and have worked hard to bring my scores into an acceptable range. As far asI can determine both reports basically have the same info ... I owe approximately $850 spread over 4-5 accounts and my ratio usage thingee on the site is 1 percent. I use my cards some so I will always probably have that much in charges. Other than completely stop using my cards, I don't know whatelse to do.

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Congrats on improving your scores! The higher they get the slower they increase. IME my TU also trailed behind my EQ by about 25 points even with the same reports. TU dinged me for having balances on more than two accounts while EQ didn't. My util. was also in the 1- 2% range.  Once I got all but two accounts reporting zero balances, the gap started to close. But there are probably other factors such as inquiries and such. Another thing you can do is, even while using several cards, you can control what they report by PIF before each reports to CRA - you just have to determine when each CCC reports.

Like you said, though, any further increase in your scores is just going to be academic at this point. And unless we're a planning to apply for new credit, our scores don't mean much.

FEB 2014 EQ: 798 EX: 780 TU: 798
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Re: Question

It's my experience too that you can have an EQ of 816 and multiple balances reporting. As for TU being considerably lower with seemingly identical credit reports and setting aside the difference in the FICO formulas, it could be that one credit agency uses an account for utilization while the other does not.

This could happen due to something like account type designation or a credit limit not reporting, which is seen quite often. Less common is a reported credit limit so high that it is excluded from util; one agency might have a cutoff at $30,000 while another at $50,000. Any such thing could result in a dramatic gap in scores.

Come to think of it, if the balances are all low and the credit limits are all high as it appears to be in your case, it's probably something else.


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