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Quirkiness of FICO Scoring

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Quirkiness of FICO Scoring

About three years ago I finally hit FICO score 800 across all three bureaus. However in those three years I notice a trend. With my Discover Card (Transunion) it has hovered around 830-835 for the last 18 months. It drops two points then increases one point. Then drops 3 points for no apparent reason. I average about $1,000 reporting each month. WEven when I average $350 a month, it still doesn't move the needle very much.

Citi Costco is by far my best FICO score of 868. But, here too, my score goes up one point, drops two points, then goes up 1 point then drops 3!

My primary card I use as my daily driver is my Hawaiian Airlines (Barclay's MC Card). Last year it was NFCU American Express. My total credit line is $200,000 and each month I do not carry more than $300. All the others are ZERO balance.

Can anyone shed some light as to why my scores aren't increasing like it should? Or have I hit the limit on FICO scoring? I have a $200,000 mortgage. $150,000 business loan. A car payment of $500/month. All loans are current and my debt ratio is under 1% on the credit cards.

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Re: Quirkiness of FICO Scoring

Scores are changing each day. When you see them. Its a snapshot at that moment when pulled. Your credit card util % is 1%. Your "debt ratio" is your loan util which doesnt move the needle much until your under 9%. FICO looks at loans in a whole different light than revolving credit. Disco shows TU FICO 8. Someone will chime in what Citi uses to give its customers. Maybe FICO 9? Dont know. The 350 or 1000 each month is still in the below the 8% range so you dont cross over to the over 9%-28% section. So no change there. The 1-3 pt change could be when you do have either 350 or 1000 report. But 1-3 pts swings isnt that important. As the loans come down more. Little chnages for the better will occur. Your probably at the ceiling for now in your bucket your assigned in. But many would die for those scores on here. Nice stuff.

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