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Re: Vantage 3.0 Model help needed

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Re: Vantage 3.0 Model help needed

@hd197824 wrote:

Thank you for any input or help in advance.


My Fico scores ( Experian / Equifax are in the 770 Range)

My Creditwise Score from CapitalOne based on Transunion Vantge 3.0 dropped around 37 points this week.

The only reason I could see on the  Creditkarma site, A BMW i paid off in full ten years ago is no longer in ( removed ) that Transunion 3.0 Model.

All my Fico Scores did not change.

My Credit usage is around 1-2 % , Never late, never carried a balance, alaways paid in full.


not even the people who made the vantage 3.0 score could tell you why a vantage 3.0 score changed

it's a meaningless, nothing score that should be completely disregarded

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Re: Vantage 3.0 Model help needed

Moving to Understanding FICO scoring

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Re: Vantage 3.0 Model help needed

Right, as I've said before, the VantageScore 3.0 is a buggy scoring model that does weird things with extreme gyrations under changing circumstances.  FICOs do weird things at times too but they can usually be explained and the swings aren't as wild and discombobulating.  Vantage 3 isn't used by anyone IMHO due to its obvious bugs.  Vantage 4.0 is quite a bit better but very sensitive to certain things which are a bit unintuitive.


Having said that, the dropoff of an old, PIF account with no derogs lowering a score isn't all that weird.  But there's still no reason to even bother understanding Vantage 3.  I imagine at this point it's entirely deprecated for any serious use.  The only reason it's used for credit monitoring apps is that's its extremely cheap to run a consumer score.

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