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I am sort of in disbelieve right now...  In the last 45 days, my scores have gone up about 60 pts each.  The only differences from then until now is that I have paid off approximately $2,000+ in credit card debt, a $1,000 Discover CLI reported (just missed my $5,000 Chase SP CLI from being reported.  I got the increase two days after my statement cut), and I have been added to my DW's Double Cash card as an authorized user - only $3,600 limit.  None of my other alerts were anywhere close to as big of an increase even with more debt being paid off at times.  My only other sizeable jump was near the beginning when my last baddie was removed.


I suppose it has finally taken my overall UTL under 20%...  but wow.  This is fantastic.  My TU score just updated (waiting on the others), but here is my graph.  Very happy.  Smiley Very Happy 



Main Cards: CSR(30k), DiscoverIT(50k), Freedom(10.5k), Ink+(17k), SallieMae(17.5k), 3x BoA MLB(24k), 2x BoA BBR(16k) and probably too many other cards at this point...
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Re: Re-bucketing??

Utilization alone can have a pretty big impact on score

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Re: Re-bucketing??

Wow That's fantastic! Congratulations!! 

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Re: Re-bucketing??

That's GREAT!    Congrat!!!

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